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Go-To Questions for Social Work Supervision - Social Workology

Go-To Questions for Social Work Supervision

Creating a supervision plan for Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) applicants can be intimidating. Are you guiding them in the right direction? Is what your saying landing well? Is your client getting their money’s worth? Here are a couple of my favorite questions to encourage self-awareness in case practice and professional development.


  1. What was your gut reaction? Tell me more.
  2. Did that remind you of anything you have experienced before?
  3. Does anything about this give you pause? How come?
  4. What would your clients say are your greatest strengths as social worker if they saw the whole picture?
  5. If you were to step outside your body, what would you say are your some of the biggest struggles you have with clients?
  6. Is there a particular type of client you have a harder time engaging?

Professional Development

  1. Can you tell about your Dream Job?
  2. Tell my why you choose the path of an LCSW?
  3. What are the biggest barriers you have come up against your see coming in your pursuit of your license?
  4. If you could do anything with your Social Work License, what would it be?
  5. How are you going to celebrate getting your license?
  6. Are there any parts of the licensure process you’re struggling with? (ongoing question)


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I often view the world through this lens. Social work shapes how I interact and understand every part of my life. Through social justice, policy, and even my own parenting, I am guided to view the world as a social worker.

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