Biography of a Social Worker

Hello Folks!

The biography of this social worker begins with my college journey in 2005, all I knew was that I wanted to help people. I was fascinated by the question ”Why do some people make it out and some don’t”. I had just graduated from an alternative school and I saw first hand that many of the other students came from similar back grounds and socioeconomic statuses had no desire to get a full time job. Why was I going to college and so many others were doing the same thing that got them in the Alternative School in the first place. To answer some of my own burning questions, I majored in psychology. It took me 3 years to get my Associates. I failed a lot, I scraped by, I learned the basics of what I should have learned in High School but didn't. I worked full time as a terrible waitress, a receptionist, and then I landed the job that was my first step into this wild field. I worked as a Residential Treatment Counselor at an Adolescent treatment facility. 

In 2008, I started at Metropolitan State University of Denver. I majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. No doubt I would become a therapist, I was sure of it. Shortly before I graduated and thanks to 4.5 years at in that treatment center, I no longer wanted to be a therapist. Therapy wasn’t my passion. By chance one afternoon, I worked with a fill in worker at the treatment center. We talked school, graduation, and the great beyond graduation. He said ”have you thought about social work, you can do a lot of the somethings plus so much more?” and the rest was history. I got a job at a nonprofit working with women and families without housing.

In 2014, I graduated with my Master of Social Work from Metropolitan State University. Since then, I’ve  spent time in the several areas of social work throughout different, often intersecting, fields. I spent time interning in both the school setting and Child Protection. 

My first grown-up job was as a Chafee Social Worker, helping older youth transition out of foster care. I have a great love for Life Skills and youth work. I dabbled in program development and new program implementation during this same time for a program that was meant to be an intensive version of Chafee work. Life Skills and Foster Care work has a soft spot in my soul after the 5 years working in it.

In all that time, I fell in love with a woman, bought a home, got pregnant, married that women, had a baby, and started a family. My life was busy but I managed to get my license and became an LCSW. On my greatest day, I became a mom and on my worst, my co-parent took her life. This life has been a journey  full of lessons. For all  these  reasons, I  created Social Workology LLC. My thoughts and experiences have value in this world and come form and unique culmination of personal and professional experience. After my world was flipped upside down, I made a move into the field of Medical Social Work. What a wild ride this has been during the pandemic.